Penn Hansa

A writer, editor, web designer, and photographer. Need someone who has a hand in everything? I'm your woman.

I'm Penn, but I don't just write.

I'm a self-taught photographer, a closet fiction writer, and a lover of great design. I'm a senior at the University of Georgia, and will graduate in December 2014 as a Journalism major, with an emphasis in Publication Management, and an English minor.

I've previously interned in corporate communications at an international enterprise, in editorial at a local publications company, and in marketing and communications at a nonprofit trade organization. In addition to copywriting and social media marketing, I also have experience in web and graphic design and event planning. I'm detail-oriented and strive to be real in everything that I put my name on.

Someday I hope to join the professional world, lending my creativity and drive to a company whose mission inspires my own. But for now, I dabble in things that interest me and catch my aesthetically-motivated eye. Because who knows what I could do?

There are infinite possibilities.


Because I study both Journalism and English, I have a scope of writing that spans a wide range; I've written copy for newsletters, email campaigns, press releases and ads, and I also have experience writing news and magazine articles, numerous research and analysis papers, and a few short stories.

All the types of writing I do not only inform or entertain, but also cultivate an image, whether it be a corporate identity or personal brand.

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I know what it is to be a storyteller, so my photography is just another extension of this. I specialize in portrait photography, getting to know my clients and making sure that I'm capturing the very essence of what they're about.

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Although I'm mainly a writer, I've got an appreciation for design that lets me consider the whole vision as part of the message. I'm proficient in HTML and CSS, and have experience using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. In fact, this website was created using all of these skills. Take a look at some of my other works:

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Interested in working with me? Want to know more about my skills? Just curious what House I'd be in if I went to Hogwarts? Email me, link me or send a messenger hawk my way!


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